Millimeter Wave and 5G Multilayer 3D Integration and Packaging: Advanced Technologies and Techniques Slides

01 Jun 2018
Kamal Samanta
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Slides: 43
There are ever-growing demand and emerging applications of millimeter-wave (mmW), including those for next-generation high-speed wireless (together with 5G) and multimedia, space/satellite, defense, automotive radar, sensors, and biomedical devices. The key challenges for making these applications feasible are realizing high-performance and highly integrated circuits/modules with ever greater functionality within a compact size and reduced mass, yet at a low cost. Recent advancement in a multilayer multi-chip module (MCM) and 3D monolithic/wafer-scale heterogeneous integration and packaging technologies are considered to be a viable solution for addressing these requirements.
This webinar will first present the integration and packaging challenges, and widely used multilayer MCM (including LTCC, organic/laminate, and BCB/IPD) and 3D heterogeneous (including wafer level, monolithic, chiplet and wafer-bonding/epitaxial-transfer) integration/packaging techniques with their recent state-of-the-art advancements; and then will show the relative advantages and limitations, in terms of integration capability, material properties, achievable feature size, RF performance and cost. However, at m using these techniques, it is difficult to realize circuits/modules with the required compactness and quality economically. This webinar will present an advanced multilayer/3D thick-film based technology which is very straightforward, easy to fabricate, demonstrated high-performance performance at mmW at a low cost. The test results for a range of multilayer high-quality and compact passives and SIW components, circuits, and highly integrated modules will be presented, showing performance far superior to most of the reported results from MCMs, operating from 1 GHz to 180 GHz. These will include the world’s first highly compact complete 60 GHz receiver, integrating MMICs with SIW antenna and filters, lumped components, and other passives into a single substrate.
Finally, the impact of multilayer and 3D integration and packaging techniques on key parameters of a circuit/system, and the relative capabilities of 3D heterogeneous integration and multilayer MCM technologies with their application spaces will be detailed. Speaker will highlight the future trends with possible solutions for overcoming the multidisciplinary industrial challenges towards making the next-generation microwave and mm-wave applications feasible and affordable.